Friday, July 23, 2004

The Need To Solve 'HOT' Fiqh Issues In The West- Dr Nur Ahmad Shahtaz meets young scholars of Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham

Dr Nur Ahmad Shahataz is a young scholar of Fiqh 'Islamic Jurisprudence'. As well as having profound knowledge of Classical Fiqh Hanafi, he specializes in the area of Modern Fiqh Issues 'Qadhaya Fiqhiyyah Mu'asara', also known as 'Fiqh al-Nawazil'. The founder of 'The Scholar's Academy', Karachi, and Visiting Faculty of several Universities worldwide, Dr Shahtaz is also a proficient author of his domain. He has composed several books on modern fiqh. To name a few; 'The Imam's Legal and social Values', 'Historical & Legal perspective of Credit Cards', ' Historical & Legal perspective of Bank Notes', 'Banking and Zakah', 'Legal opinion on Shares', 'Cloning-An Evaluation, Consequences and Legal Judgement', 'Who is a Mufti-where to go for Legal Advice', 'Index of Sharh Sahih Muslim', 'Collective Modern Fiqh Issues' and a monthly Fiqh Magazine entitled 'Majallah al-Fiqh al-Islami'. The faqih discussed some certain fiqh topics Misunderstood in England during his visit to Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust a couple of weeks ago. Sultan Niaz al-Hassan (Chairman HSBT), Allamah Zafarullah Shah, Mawlana Mas'ud Alam al-Azhari, Qari Ameer Hussain al-Azhari and myself asked several questions regarding Eid, Salah Timings in Summer and other various important fiqh topics. He was inspired by the dedication of these individuals and their sincere endeavours for the cause of deen.

Furthermore, he has been in continous contact with the Trust since he has left. "It is imperative that a summer Conference be held in which great scholars of the Muslim World be invited to discuss the Problems and misconceptions of some particular Fiqh Isuues in the west, since this the only way to solve our problems through unity", said Dr Nur Ahmad Shataz.

We make sincere Duas for him, his team, and for all those who work sincerely for the cause of deen propogation.

"He certainly is a man of a mission & dedication in his domain", Sulatn Niaz al-Hassan (Chairman HSBT).

Munawwar Ateeq Rizvi