Sunday, September 05, 2004

A Supplication-From Diwan Sidi Abd al-Musawwir

My longing for paradise is not for its pleasures
But I love them because then I will se you.

O life of all souls You are my healing
So heal me and treat me with your cure!

I do not have, my Lord, a door other than your door.
Then open the door that I may receive your good pleasure.

My God, may Master, my Owner!
I do not hope from this existence other than You.

Therefore, expand my breast, my God, be bountiful to me.
With your special munificence: You can well do so!

I am, of all creatures, weak and oppressed;
Strengthen my body and save me from your trials.

My God! I am the poor dependant in my true poverty;
I have nothing except Your acceptance, so open Your guidance

And heal my heart, and cure me, O my God!
You are my Lord, You are fit to do so.

Save my spouse and my children,
Cure my son, and heal them with Your medicine!

Grant victory to the Religion, my God, and strengthen,
The community of Truth and Right, destroy Your enemies!

Answer us, our Lord, in what we have just begged.
I hope nothing from your slaves-Only you.

From Diwan Sidi Abd al-Musawwir, Shaykh Abd al-Maqsud Faris al-Idrisi al-Misri al-Singapuri

[Trans: GF Haddad, ‘Mawlana’s open door in Jahore and Singapore’]