Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Longing For You

May I recite your name night and day
May my heart beat “Allah Hu”
May every breath, eternally
Breathe for no one, but you

We are your chosen Ummah
Though we do not deserve to be
Lord gave us the best of creation
How kind and merciful is He!?

Oh my beloved, come!
For this separation I cannot bare
I long to see your beauty
Your Nuri white face, your black hair

As the tears roll down my face
I raise my hands and pray again
That when the Angel removes my soul
May my lips recite your name

And the soil that kissed your feet
In the blessed gardens of Madinah
I pray I am buried in
And rest there in sakeena

Oh the blessed and chosen one
Day, night your nearness I crave
On that darkest of dark nights
Come and lighten up my grave

Ya Allah! Upon the Habibi send
Eternal peace and blessings
The one who came as an orphan
Yet was the King of all kings

May Allah give him abundant peace and eternal blessings
Reahana Ateeq