Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sheikh Hassan al-Saqqaf's 'Bahjat al-Nazir' on Tawassul

'Bahjat al-Nazir fi al-Tawassuli bi al-Nabiyy al-Tahir' by Imam Hassan al-Saqqaf al-Qarashi al-Shafi'i (d.1985). Arabic text.

First section on the excellence of our Prophet's station, May Allah's peace & blessings be upon Him.

Second section on the proofs for interceding through the person of the Prophets in general and through our Propet in specific.

Third section on the qoutaions of the sages and masters of Hadith on Tawassul.

Fourth Section on the response to those who oppose tawassul and the explanation of their contradiction of the clear truth. This section also consists of an excellent rule in the studies of Hadith sciences that none other than the hafiz has the authority to authenitcate or weaken hadiths.