Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Visit to Sayyiduna Rasulullah (Peace & Blessings be upon him)

Behind al-Suffah Under the Green Light

In heaven I sit, in peace in tranquillity
Here I am in your mosque, in your presence

In the light of your Green Dome and its awe
Here I am in humility I sit head down

Every face seems my kin, in smiles I sit
Waiting for the morning call to be raised heaven high

I sit in direction of Qiblah yet inwardly
Towards you is my intention; you are my aspiration

I am here right behind your back Rasulullah
Seeking your smile for once, longing for you to turn my way

Your Suffah is not so far from me, I hear
I feel your heart moving words taught there, in front of me

You are so near resting in peace, generous and oft giving
With your visitors you are so soft hearted ya Rasulallah

I’m looking at its colour shining bright, with full eyes
The dome that is paraded with heavenly guests

Just once, only once, I plead to be shown
The gathering you enjoy therein behind these walls

Trying to glance at what Aisha saw yet I cannot
Oh week eyes! Oh frail mind! How far are you

I sit between your two most beloved men
Ali your cousin, your light, Hussain your heavenly flower

For sake of your boundless compassion for them
Bestow me with a sweet heart, a kind soul

Waiting for the Morning Call

The caller invites people to success and to you
As they leap to reap the early blessings near you

It seems you will lift the veils and come to lead
The prayer of my soul, in aguish I wait

I do not see your curtains move, no sign of you
I wait your coming in just a moment or two

Here I cry, Habibi, waiting for you to come
To open the chains of my corrupt heart and enter it

A Supplication in the Scared Mosque

I will search for you in the crowd, your footsteps, in the hereafter
When the man will be concerned about his judgement, his outcome

Ya Rasulallah, make me your own, do not reject me
Yours I say I am, towards you I face

Your door is from where ‘no’ has never been heard
Except which you taught the denial of Allah’s partner

Do not gaze at my sins just accept me
Your mercy and generosity suffice millions like me

Only one drop do I seek that day
When the best of men drink from cups, wine filled

Afflictions have tested me whilst calamities befall my fate
Your name alone I call, your protection I plea

Please, please look at me when you hear this humble call
I am right behind you Sayyidi, yearning for you approval

Towards the Golden Veils

Here I am taking slow steps moved by your gravitas
Walking into the door of Salaam, inclining to you

As every step is filled with hurt, sorrow and remorse
I face your golden veils, As-salaam, oh blessed one!

As-salaam oh dear leader of Prophets, protection of widows
As-salaam oh custodian of lonely ones and their hope

As-salaam oh best of creation after the Prophets, Abu Bakr
As-salaam oh thee whose deeds are the stars, Umar

Salaam which comes form the deepest end of my broken heart
Salaam that comes from the boundless limits of my soul

With sins, full of desire, and worldly lust I am here
‘Ja’uwka’ has invited me with delight, a smile and hope

Oh lord you promised me you will forgive me
At this door I stand, in anticipation I call

Make my heart the abode of the Green Dome
And my body connected to the beloved’s ways

Gift my tongue with the words your Habib uttered
And my eyes with the vision of my master in this world

At the Blessed Feet

Here I stand humbly at your feet, As-salaam
Asking for you to press them on my heart As-salaam

My head, my shoulders, my face, my eyes
Press them wherever, As-salaam

Last Call Under the Dome

Call me again Rasulullah again and again
Every year I long to sit in your feet in Ramadhan

It is kind of you to keep my name in you register
Putting me to rest when I think I passed your mind for a moment

In just a few days I will have to leave you Sayyidi
With an empty body departing my soul to hover in your garden

Yet my tongue will constantly send you its gifts
The gifts of salaam and service of your hadith

So please accept them when presented to you
And make dua for my parents, my family and loved ones

Today I have adorned my heart and soul
Today I have visited your home

Your Masjid where you sat and taught
The dust on which you dwelled, I sought

And for now I will set back to my residence
Leaving you oh Green Dome with a gentle kiss

A kiss pressed on you with my eyes
With reverence, love, heart, soul and passion

I ask too, to live life long, under this shade
Enjoying the early breezes which pass your luminous dome

Taking in every breath thinking of you, ya Habibi
The breezes that pass the heavenly guests and their fragrance

Good by for now and if I live till Jumu`ah prayer
I will return to reap your nur once again

Let me gaze at you again with full eyes
Making this the last sight before I may die

Blessing and peace descend upon you
From the heavens the angels may enter you

Oh Taibah, oh heavenly garden, oh Masjid
Allah bless you and keep you preserved
Wa Sallallahu a`la Sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim

Friday 28th October 2005, at Tahajjud time, in Masjid Sayyiduna Rasulullah.
Munawwar Ateeq