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A list of Compendiums and Expositions on Imam al-Nasafi's far-famed 'Matn al-Manar'

Matn al-Manar, alike other works of Imam al-Nasafi, has acheived popularity in all parts of the globe. It's clarity and comprehensiveness has proven to be the golden key to unlock the doors of Usul al-Fiqh. Moreover, it inclusively encapsulates the details of Hanafi legal methodology in a short but replete volume. This is why, many scholars have composed commentaries and written detailed footnotes on this work. Here is a list of some of these compositions which i gathered from various works.

1-Matn al-Manar fi Usul al-Fiqh/Manar al-Anwar fi Usul al-Fiqh
Author: Abu al-Barakat al-Nasafi (710h)
Publisher: (Not mentioned), India, 1870. It is published with 'Taqyeeydat Abd al-Gaffar'.
Also published in Istanbul, al-Matba'ah al-Uthmaniyah, 1908 & 1911. The 1911 edition was published with 'Hashiyah Musatafa Efendi'.

2-Kashf al-Asrar fi Sharh al-Manar/Sharh al-Musannif ala al-Manar
Author: Abu al-Barakat Abdullah bin Ahmad, al-Nasafi (d.710h)
Publisher: Matba'ah Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyah, Beirut, 1986. It is published with Mulla Jeewan's 'Nur al-Anwar'. It has many editions.

3-Ifadhat al-Anwar ala Usul al-Manar/Sharh al-Manar fi Usul al-Fiqh
Author: al-Haskafi, Ala'uddin Muhammad bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Abdurahman (d.1088h)
Publisher: Matba'ah Mustafa al-Babi al-Halabi, Cairo, 1979. It was published with Ibn Abideen's commentary entitled, 'Nasamat al-As'har'. It has many editions.
Also published in Cairo, Dar al-Kutub al-Arabiyah, 1910.
Also published in Aastana, Istanbul. Matb'aha Muhammad As'ad, 1883.
Also published in Damascus, Muhammad Barakat, 1992 with footnotes by Muhammad Sa'eed al-Burhani (d.1386h)

4-Taqreerat ala Matn al-Manar/ Taqreerat Abd al-Gaffar ala Nur al-Anwar/ Taqyeeydat ala-Manar al-Anwar
Author:Abd al-Gaffar bin al-Qhadhi Binyameen.
Publisher: Tab'ah Hajr, India, 1870 & 1989.

5-Hashiyah ala al-Manar/Hashiyah Mustafa Afendi ala al-Manar
Author: Mustafa Efendi.
Publisher: al-Matba'ah al-Uthmaniyah, Dar Sa'adat, Istanbul, 1911.

6-Fat'h al-Gaffar bi Sharh al-Manar/ Mishkat al-Anwar fi Usul al-Manar/Ta'leeq al-Manar
Author: Zayn al-Abideen bion Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Mujaym al-Masri, Ibn Nujaym (d.970h) Revised by Mahmud Abu Daqeeqah
Publisher: Mustafa Albabi al-Halabi, Cairo, 1936. It is published with 'Hashiyah al-Bahrawi'.

7-Nasamat al-As'har ala Sharh Ifadhat al-Anwar/Hashiyah ala Sharh Ifadhat al-Anwar/Hashiyah Nasamat al-As'har ala Sharh Ifadhat al-Anwar/ Nasamat al-As'har ala Sharh al-Manar al-Musamma bi Ifadhat al-Anwar
Author: Muhammad Ameen bin Umar bin Abd al-Aziz, Ibn Abideen (d.1252)
Publisher: Matba'ah Dar al-Kutub al-Arabiyah al-Kubra, Cairo, 1979 (with the Taqyeeydat al-Tuwkhi). It has many editions.
Also published in Aastana, Istanbul. Matba'ah Muhammad As'ad, 1883.

8-Taqyeeydat al-Tuwkhi ala Hashiyat Nasamat al-As'har
Author: al-Tuwkhi, Muhammad bin Ahmad.
Publisher: Matba'ah Mustafa Albabi al-Halabi, Cairo. 2nd edition was published in 1979.

9-Hashiyah Azmi Zaadah ala al-Manar/Hashiyah ala- Sharh al-Manar/Nata'ij al-Afkar ala Sharh al-Manar
Author: Mustafa bin Muhammad Azmi Zaadah (d.1040h)
Publisher: al-Matba'ah al-Uthmaniya, Dar Sa'adat, Istanbul, 1897.

10-Sharh Manar al-Anwar fi Usul al-Fiqh
Author: Abd al-Jalil al-Rumi (d.1051h)
Publisher: (Not mentioned), Istanbul, 1896.

11-Sharh al-Manar fi Usul al-Fiqh
Author: Jamal al-Din Abu al-Fadhl, Ibn Manzur (d.711h)
Publisher: al-Matba'ah al-Uthmaniyah, Istanbul, 1901.

12-Mukhtasar al-Manar
Author: Zayn al-Din Abu al-Izz, Ibn Habib al-Halabi (d.808h)
Publisher: Maktabah al-Imam al-Shafi'i, Riyadh, 1989 & Maktabah Ibn Taymiyah, Cairo 1993. It was published amongst a collection of books in usul entitled, 'Mutun Usuliyah Muhimmah fi al-Mazahib al-Arba'ah'. It has many editions.

13-Mukhtasar al-Manar
Author: Ibn Qutlubugha (d.879h)
Publisher: Matba'ah Shukrah al-Sahafah al-Uthmaniyah, Dar Sa'adat, Istnabul, 1896.
It is published with 'Khulasat al-Afkar'.
It was also rendered into Ottomon by Muhammad Ameen Hafiz and published in Istanbul, 1881.

14-Mukhatasar al-Manar
Author: Abu al-Thana Ahmad bin Muhammad, al-Zayla'i (d.974h)
Publisher: Dowmera Fiski, Qazan, 'Tutristan'?, 1888. It has many editions.

15-Sharh Mukhtasar al-Manar/ Khulasat al-Afkar Sharh Mukhtasar al-Manar li ibn Qutlubugha/ Khulasat al-Afkar ala Mukhtasar al-Manar
Author: Hafiz Dhiya al-Din Ahmad Efendi bin Awliya al-Qistumuni (d.1306h).
Publisher: Matba'ah al-Sahafah al-Uthmaniyah, Dar Sa'adat, Istnabul, 1896.

16-Shams Sama' al-Asrar Sharh Mukhtasar al-Manar
Author: Muhammad Abd al-Baqi al-Afghani al-Hanafi
Publisher: (Not mentioned), Istanbul, 1897.

17-Zubdat al-Asrar Sharh Mukhtasar al-Manar li ibn Habib al-Halabi/Sharh Mukhtasar al-Manar li ibn al-Halabi
Author: Abu al-Thana' Ahmad bin Muhammad Abilbarakat al-Saywasi, al-Zayla'i (d.974h)
Publisher: Matba'ah Dowmera Fiski, Qazan, 'Tutristan'?, 1894.
Also published again in Qazan wihout publisher's name, 1900. It has many editions.

18-Hashiyah ala Zubdat al-Asrar/Sidq al-Usul Hashiyah ala Zubdat al-Asrar li al-Zayla'i
Author: Ata'ullah bin Muhammad al-Bulghari, al-Qawrsawi.
Publisher: Matba'ah Dowmera fiski, Qazan, 'Tutristan'?, 1894. It was printed with 'Hashiyah Ta'hseel al-Wusul'.

19-Manzumat Mukhtasar al-Manar
Author: Isma'il Saiyf and Abd al-Majid Efendi
Publisher: (Not mentioned), Astanah, Istanbul, 1881.

20-Nazm al-Manar fi Usul al-Fiqh
Author: Taha bin Ahmad, al-Kawrani (d.1300h)
Publisher: Matba'ah Mahmud bek, Istanbul, 1898.
Also published in Cairo with footnotes by Sha'ban Muhammad Isma'il. Matba'ah Dar al-Salam, 1987. It was published with 'Sharh Mukhtasar al-Manar'.

21-Manzumat al-Kawakibi fi Usul al-Fiqh al-Hanafi/Sharh Nazm al-Manar/Sharh Manzumat al-Kawakibi fi Usul al-Fiqh al-Hanafi/Nazm al-Manar fi Usul al-Fiqh
Author: Muhammad bin Hasan bin Ahmad al-Halabi, al-Kawakibi (d.1096h)
Publisher: al-Matba'ah al-Alamiyah, Caior, 1899.

22-Anwar al-Hilk/Hashiyah ala Sharh al-Manar
Author: Radhi al-Din Muhammad bin Ibrahim, Ibn al-Halabi (d.971h)
Publisher: al-Matba'ah al-Uthmaniyah, Dar Sa'adat, Istanbul, 1897. There are many editions of this hashiyah.

23-Sharh al-Manar wa Hawasheehi fi al-Usul
Author: Izzudin Abd al-Lateef, Ibn Malik (d.801h)
Publisher: al-Matba'ah alUthmaniyah, Dar Sa'adat, Istanbul, 1897.

24-Sharh Ibn al-Ayni ala Sharh Manar al-Anwar/Sharh ala Sharh Manar al-Anwar/Sharh ala Sharh al-Manar li ibn Malik
Author: Zayn al-Din, Abdal-Rahman bin Abi Bakr, Ibn al-Ayni (d.893h)
Publisher: al-Matba'ah al-Uthmaniyah, Dar Sa'adat, Istanbul, 1897. It has many editions.

25-Hashiyah al-Rahawi ala Sharh al-Manar li ibn Malik/Hashiyah ala Sharh al-Manar li ibn Malik.
Author: Sharf al-Din Abu Zakariyah Yahya, al-Rahawi al-Hanafi.
Publisher: Matba'ah Dar Sa'adat, Istanbul, 1897.

26-Nur al-Anwar ala al-Manar/Sharh Nur al-Anwar ala al-Manar
Author: Ahmad bin Abi Sa'eed, Mulla Jeewan (d.1130h)
Publisher: Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyah, Beirut, 1986.
Also published in India, 1876 and Kanfur (India), Matba'ah Nizami, 1881. It has many editions.

27-Hashiyah ala Nur al-Anwar/Da'ir al-Wusul
Author: Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Mubarak Shah, al-Harawi (d.928h)
Publisher: (Not mentioned), Lakhnouw, India, 1924.

28-Qamar al-Aqmar ala Nur al-Anwar/Hashiyah Nur al-Anwar
Muhammad Abd al-Haleem bin Muhammad Ameenullah, al-Lakhnawi (d.1285h)
Publisher: (Not mentioned), India, 1876.
Also published in Kanfur, India. Matba'ah Nazami, 1881.
Also published in Cairo, al-Matba'ah al-Kubra, 1898.
Also published in Beirut, Dar al-Kutub al-Alamiyah, 1995. Revised by Muhammad Abd al-Salam Shaheen.

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