Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sayyid Mehr Ali Shah's Biography-The Translation of 'Mehr-e-Muneer'

An Excellent peice of work on life, works and teachings of India's 'Ibn al-Arabi', the Massive Scholar of Shari'ah, Sufi, and Master of Liberal Arts, Pir Sayyid Mehr Ali Shah (May Allah shower mercy on his soul).

Read about this amazing personality who shook the grounds of the Qadyani Movement with his knowledge and Wisdom.

'The 'Scholars' (fudhala) require a 'Teacher' to understand Ibn al-Arabi's books, but are there any around? Ok, so what about Seyyid Mehr Ali, is there anyone who reaches his sky, today?' (Walidi al-Muhtaram, al-Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Ateeq, Hafizahullah)

Truly, wa fawqa kulli zi ilmin aleem...