Thursday, June 16, 2005

In Honour of The Most Praised One
May Allah give him peace and blessings

You are the discloser of ‘‘I was a Hidden Treasure’’
You are the first light of the primordial ‘‘be’’

Inwardly beginning of the Prophetic sequence, outwardly final
In you is perfection of all first and last

Prophethood circumambulates Your essence
You are the pivot, the seed, and the nucleus

If I utter a say, your beauty is restricted by words
Whilst silent, you are absolute excellence

The Divine reveals in others through His attributes
You are alone the ideal theophany of the Dhat

You are the acme of what Divine ability does innovate
You are the symbol of ‘‘so blessed be Allah, the best to create’’

For until you did not come, things were in a misty absence
You are the cause, the source, the exposer of all light

Through you alone we find God, the unknown to all
Through you we receive rain, light and life in all

You alone are the prism revealing divine light
You alone know who you are, Oh Praised One!

Munawwar Ateeq Rizvi